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Through the power of screen shots and squinting, you can see some broad strokes of the Wyatt narrative on the wall of head writer Lee Sizemore’s office. It seems that the Man in Black has followed the storyline as intended, being lured into it by Teddy and eventually confronting Wyatt’s imposing henchman.

westworld episode 7 Maeve Millay Felix and Slyvester

Ptolemy Slocum, who plays the in-over-his-head tech Sylvester on the series, recently conducted a Reddit AMA. Most of the questions are silly and most of his answers are fun, but someone does ask him about my personal issue with the show right now – why are Felix and Sylvester acquiescing to all of Maeve’s demands so easily? Here’s his response:

In my experience, what we witnessed up to now is a series of small decisions that got way out of hand. For me I understood many of the small decisions in making them. I get the confusion but you have to realize that we’re dealing with my character who believes he was always in control.

When another Redditor notes that Sylvester is being blackmailed by Maeve over allowing other employees to take advantage of the Hosts, Slocum responded again, although even he notes that the show doesn’t make a big deal out of it:

I think thats a quick line, you have to hear a couple times and/or watch it again. But the situation is pretty laid out. In more general terms, its safe to say that Sylvester does not want unwanted attention to come into his department.

You can read many more of his answers at the link above.

What begins like a pretty familiar Saturday Night Live news parody soon takes an interesting, Westworld-inspired turn in this sketch. The satire is fairly obvious at first, but the final punchline makes the three-minute set-up worthwhile.

Westworld Hidden Door

Remember how it all slowly dawned on us that the room where Bernard was seen having secret conversations with Dolores was the same hidden room underneath Dr. Ford’s unauthorized robot nostalgia family? A closer look reveals that there is a door in the corner…a door that has been suspiciously covered in later scenes. Hmm.

westworld transformation

Since one of the most popular Westworld theories suggests that the kind-hearted William eventually becomes the cruel park veteran known as the Man in Black, Reddit has gone and created a morphing gif where Jimmi Simpson transforms into Ed Harris. I don’t know about you people, but it seems to me that Simpson could pass as a young Harris…

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Speaking of the ever-convoluted Westworld timeline, this chart attempts to sort everything into three separate time periods.

westworld medieval world

Will a second season of Westworld follow the path of the original film and introduce additional theme parks populated by robots? I’d put my money on “No,” but Redditor DaUsed has created a new desktop wallpaper, just in case.

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