Watchmen Trailer - Looking Glass Mask

We get a series of quick cuts, with Looking Glass pulling on his mask and Veidt riding on horseback past a pirate flag (a straight visual reminder of Tales of the Black Freighter).

Watchmen Trailer - Pirate Flag

Some business/place names glimpsed in this trailer include Worthmore Jewelers, Tartarus Acres, and the Iberian Pig. I don’t recognize any of these from the comic, but then again, Tulsa is a new setting that didn’t figure into the comic. There’s also a fairgrounds or carnival littered with bodies, which recalls the streets of New York after Veidt teleported his alien onto the scene.

Watchmen Trailer - Carnival Carnage

A man stands over another man’s body (on the hill of a farm?) and we see his light-blinded POV with people’s silhouettes leaning in over it. As this is happening, Abraham echoes the “Who are you?” line from the start of the trailer and the old man replies, “Maybe I’m Dr. Manhattan.”

Watchmen Trailer - Louis Gossett, Jr.

Then we see a meteorite falling to Earth behind a barn. Is this Dr. Manhattan landing on the farm? People on a front porch look to the heavens as if they’re watching it.

Watchmen Trailer - Looking Skyward

Watchmen Trailer - Dr. Manhattan Mars

News footage shows Dr. Manhattan on Mars destroying his life-size castle of sand on the planet’s surface. There’s a fast montage of guns being cocked and another flash of light behind a big tree with cows in front of it.

Watchmen Trailer - Cow Pasture Flash

Nite-Owl’s Owlship, Archie, takes to the night skies. You can spot a cowboy-hatted Chief Crawford in the cockpit, hovering behind another person in the pilot’s seat.

Watchmen Trailer - Owl Ship

The Owlship incinerates a small plane or drone in the sky in front of it and this earns an approving howl from Abraham, who looks up from the ground, hoodless, her eyes blacked out with grease.

Watchmen Trailer - Courtroom

A quick glimpse of a courtroom with an exact sketch of the alien squid monster from the comics would seem to solidify this show as taking place in that universe. Is this Veidt’s trial? The courtroom appears to be in England, as the barrister, who points an accusing finger at someone, is wearing a white wig, or peruke, of the kind still in use there.

Watchmen Trailer - Nixon Trailer Park

We get a glimpse of a trailer park with a Nixon statue in front of it. The Owlship goes topsy-turvy and crash-lands on the farm in a ball of flames and we see Veidt pushing down a detonator plunger, causing a building to explode.

The general impression I get from this trailer is that Nite-Owl might be dead but that his ship might see a resurgence under different pilots a la the Millennium Falcon. There’s always the possibility that Crawford is an older version of Dreiberg who has changed his name and identity, but that might be grasping at straws.

Watchmen Trailer -Jean Smart as Laurie

Toward the end, before we see a rain of squid falling from the skies, there’s a glimpse of Laurie holding a gun in what could be a bank. She looks a little younger and it looks like she’s facing off with a guy in a black costume (who is also aiming a gun), but then he jumps out the window and there’s an abstract image of piglets scampering across the floor. I’m not sure what to make of that but I wonder if it’s a flashback from her time after Watchmen but before the show?

Watchmen Trailer - Jeremy Irons as Veidt

Veidt’s face in close-up says, “Nothing ever ends.” This is a callback to Dr. Manhattan’s last words to him in the comic, which seem somewhat prophetic of Watchmen itself now, given that the universe of this story — which, for so long, had a definitive ending — has opened back up in recent years. Veidt adds, “It’s only just begun,” and we see the series title in yellow, but that’s not all.

Watchmen Trailer - Dr. Manhattan

The camera follows the legs of a man in a black suit down the street. He stops next to a Dr. Manhattan mask that is littering the ground and then he reaches down and picks it up with one bare blue hand. HBO. October.

Can Watchmen and Westworld, season 3 together fill the monolithic, watercooler-TV gap that Game of Thrones has left on the network? Who watches the Watchmen? Will it be you?

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