VOTD: Widescreen vs. Pan & Scan

widescreen vs. fullscreen

C’mon, we all know the difference between “letterbox” (widescreen) and full screen pan & scan presentations. And thanks to the growing acceptance of 16×9 widescreen HDTV’s, we might not have to explain this difference to our unknowing friends and family much longer.

After the jump is a video from a couple years ago explaining the differences, and features appearances from a bunch of famous directors such as Martin Scorsese and Michael Mann. This would have been a great video to have in my collection 10 years ago. Scorsese says compares the process of converting a widescreen film to pan & scan as “technically, re-directing the movie.” And we see some comparisons from Ben Hur, Gigi, Lawrence of Arabia, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

via: kottke

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