National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Burn Dust, Eat My Rubber

This might be the single most innocent delivery of the middle finger on film as only Clark Griswold can deliver. Also, it should be noted that the shot of the station wagon situated under the semi-truck shows some pretty damn impressive stunt driving.

When Heading to Rome

The second worthy scene from National Lampoon’s European Vacation is one that calls back to the authenticity of the original film, showcasing what it’s like to be on a trip with your family. Everyone has shared this moment with the respective family when each one is annoying the hell out of the next.

Dodge City

The Griswolds really are the worst kind of tourists, and having a shotgun blasted at you point blank is a fine lesson to learn for messing with the employees of a tired tourist attraction. This is yet another piece of fantastic evidence of how Chevy Chase can be so funny with just a quick change in the tone of his voice.

Christmas Dinner

Save the neck for me, Clark! Again, part of what makes the original Vacation and Christmas Vacation so great are the genuine portrayals of spending time with your family. In this case, it’s Christmas dinner, and the part that always gets me is when Eddie’s dog Snot is “yakkin’ on a bone,” and his nonchalant response after the gross upchuck, “He got it up.”

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