Toy Story 3 Easter Eggs

pizza planet

Speaking of Pizza Plant, the Pizza Planet Truck has appeared in every Pixar film so far except The Incredibles. Note: Some dispute this fact, but Lee Unkrich has even confirmed on record that the Pizza Planet truck does not make an appearance in The Incredibles. That blurry photo floating around the web is not the Pizza Planet truck.

Disney has actually put real Pizza Planet restaurants at Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Paris. The Pizza Planet Truck appears in Toy Story 3, “providing a bumpy ride to some traveling toys.” (no photo available)

A113 in Pixar Movies

A113: What started as an inside joke of CalArts alumni (a reference to the classroom number that was used by Animation students, including John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Brad Bird, Pete Docter) has been present in not only every Pixar film, but Disney movies, Iron Giant, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Powerpuffgirls and Tinytoon Adventures.

In Toy Story 3, A113 appears once again as the number on the license plate of Andy’s mother’s car.


But there is more.


The Tigers Pride license plate cover is a reference to director Lee Unrich’s hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and his high school mascot, the Tiger. This is the same place Bill Watterson grew up.

Our high school mascot — Tiger. Which is why Hobbs is a tiger. Bill drew a lot of them in high school.

On to Sunnyside Daycare…


Director Lee Unkrich performs one line in the movie….

Lee Unkrich

….the voice of the Jack in the box toy who says “New Toys!” when Woody, Buzz and the gang first arrive at Sunnyside Daycare.


At Sunnyside, there is a cameo from Mr. Ray the Scientific Stingray from Finding Nemo, voiced by Pixar story artist, Up co-director, and voice of Dug the dog: Bob Peterson. Another shot:



How about this shot? See any references to past Pixar characters?


How about the wooden Lightning McQueen toy from Cars? And notice the number on McQueen? Number 95.. It also appears on…

On of the toddler’s shirts at Sunnyside. And..


It also appears on…


… the train, 95, is a tribute to the year the original Toy Story was released.

In this shot there are some Finding Nemo characters hidden in the drawings on the wall.

Pixar’s 1986 short film Luxo, Jr, which is where the hopping lamp in the animation studio’s logo also comes from, also featured a small yellow ball with a blue ring and red stars. This ball appears in a lot of the Pixar films. One of the appearances in Toy Story 3 is on a tile outside of Sunnyside Daycare:

Here is a close up:

Some characters in each of the Pixar movies are voiced by story artists and directors, who somehow end up in the role after voicing the characters in story meetings/run-throughs.

The Fisher Price Chatter Telephone is voiced by Teddy Newton, a storyboard artist on The Iron Giant, Character Designer for The Incredibles and Presto, who makes his Pixar directorial debut with Day & Night, the short film attached to Toy Story 3.


And in the shot above contains a reference to Pixar’s short film Tin Toy.

In the short film, a small tin Toy is being terrorized by a small infant. He runs away from the baby and hides under a couch where he finds a bunch of abandoned/lost/hiding toys shivering. As Rex runs towards the door, some of the toys from Tin Toy are seen hiding/shivering in the right hand corner.


And of course, in every Pixar movie, they try to hide a character or two from one of their upcoming films.

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