“Why? did something happen over there?,” asks Casey. “Something bad?”

Cue our villain: David Nix (Hugh Laurie), Governor of Tomorrow.

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson George Clooney

Back in our world, someone has discovered Frank’s hideout.

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson George Clooney

Someone with … a green laser pen?


Apparently one of Nix’s thugs followed Casey to his secret hideout, exposing him. He has some kind of cool green laser gun weapon. (Or a weapon with a green laser sight, at least.)

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson George Clooney

Frank hits a secret button in the wall.


A secret protective door closes behind them as they make a run for it.

animation (4)

Just in time to protect them from the blast.

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson George Clooney

Casey and Frank jump into the bathtub?

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson George Clooney

They lean back in the tub as Frank prepares to push a button on his remote control.

animation (5)

The bathtub is propelled into the air.

Notice that one of Nix’s thugs, apparently a robot, gets his arm caught in the bathtub as its launching out into space — if you look closely you will see him fall off and explode.


We then see a cryptex cycling through numbers. Who knows whats going on here.

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson George Clooney

Casey and Frank are now joined by Athena (Raffey Cassidy) inside the Eiffel Tower. Its worth noting that the 1952 box and the Optimist viral campaign revealed the story of Plus Ultra, a secret society founded by Tesla, Edison, Eiffel, and H.G. Welles at the 1889 World’s Fair.

Eiffel met Jules Verne and Thomas Edison at his Tower apartment to start a secret society of optimists. Key members of Plus Ultra included Ray Bradbury, Amelia Earhart, Mark Twain, Nicholas Tesla, and other key scientific figures. Walt Disney was a member of Plus Ultra.

The Effel Tower is obviously a significant location for the group.

Tomorrowland George Clooney

Frank walks up to a device, which must have been hidden in the Eiffel tower by Plus Ultra.


We see men, probably Nix’s robot thugs, running up the stairs at the Eiffel tower, hot on Frank’s trail.

Tomorrowland George Clooney

Frank looks back, worried, as the group makes it way across a gantry to what appears to be a retro-looking rocket ship which was somehow hidden in the tower?


An unseen character shoots Casey with a raygun. If you look around the location, it appears to be a science fiction store (notice the R2D2 dome in the background of the above shot).

Tomorrowland Times says the unseen character is most likely “Kathryn Hahn as Ursula Gernsbach, proprietor of the “Blast from the Past” antique store.”


Notice some other geeky sci-fi references all around the background of this shot.


Athena whips out her ray gun.

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