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Yesterday afternoon, Walt Disney Pictures released the first full trailer for Brad Bird’s TomorrowlandYou can watch that trailer here, in case you haven’t seen it already. And for those of you who really want to take in all of the visuals revealed in the new Tomorowland trailer, we have compiled a batch of high resolution images from the film to let you take in all the goodness one shot at a time, complete with an image by image analysis by me.

We will give you some background on some of the secrets that have been hinted thus far, from the Optimist viral campaign and the 1952 Disney mystery box which was revealed at the D23 Expo. Hit the jump to see over 70 Tomorrowland movie photos now.

Tomorrowland Movie Photos


The new trailer opens with Frank Walker (George Clooney) sitting in his cluttered home watching a countdown on a retro tube countdown clock. What is the clock counting down to? We think the following images will give us some clues…


Walker looks on intensely and uncomfortably. The wall in the background is filled with newspaper clippings and photos, neatly organized and laid out in a way we would expect from a conspiracy theorist.


We then get to see the elaborate set of monitors that Walker is looking at. The monitor on the right has a news report saying “severe weather costs millions.” On the bottom right we see a news report about “survivors awaiting disaster” relief. On the main monitor we see a riot, and images look in line with some of the other displays.

Notice the “100% probability” on a display to the left of Frank’s head. Probability of what? Likely some kind of doomsday.

The Probability Machine

A clip was shown from Tomorrowland at Destination D which featured Frank as a young boy wandering around the 1964-65 NY World’s Fair. During the sequence he makes stops at the Carousel of Progress and the integral probability machine (actual photo from the Fair seen above). Here is a description of the device that appeared at the fair:

The Probability Machine is a device resembling an enormous upended pinball game. Thousands of plastic balls are dropped from the top of the machine, bouncing down at random from peg to peg until they land in compartments at the bottom. No one can tell in advance where any individual ball will land — but the distribution of all the balls in all the compartments is regular and predictable. These experiments repeatedly test an important aspect of the Theory of Probability — and show how science uses “chance” to detect the laws of order in a world of random events.

Its possible that Frank has developed a more advanced version of the probability machine using today’s computers, allowing him to foresee the grim future.

Tomorrowland movie

We see more glimpses of Frank’s wall of displays, including a monitor of “international relations” and a news report saying “Powerful Storms Strike the US Midwest,” with dozens of tornadoes.


A close-up look at more rioting. It seems as if it is the end times.


We then see a montage of images showing the downfall of our world.




This is the end. Or at least where we’re headed.

“Every second that ticks by, the future is running out.”

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson Tomorrowland Britt Robertson

We then see Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) staring up at a television news report about the rampant looting along the east coast. We then get the scene from the Tomorrowland teaser trailer where Casey discovers the Tomorrowland pin transports her to another world — we’ll skip the images because you’ve already seen them before.


Now driving in the passenger seat of her father’s pickup truck (with her dad played by Tim McGraw), she holds the pin using a tissue. Apparently only when you touch the pin with naked skin does it transport you to Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson Tim McGraw

Casey tried to explain to her father about the pin’s magical abilities…

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson Tim McGraw

…but he doesn’t seem to believe her.

animation (2)

Casey asks her father if she sees this while she is in Tomorrowland, and he knocks the pin out of her hand and forces her back in reality. This scene is very interesting for a number of reasons.

First off, Casey’s movement in our world affects her movement in Tomorrowland.

Secondly, she doesn’t disappear from our world when she goes to Tomorrowland, both seem to run alongside one another like parallel dimensions. Tomorrowland might not be another world but another version of our world, perhaps if we had made different choices.


Lets also take a moment to reflect on this image that we’re seen in various forms before, in the teaser trailer and the theatrical poster. Isn’t it interesting that Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird’s future world of Tomorrowland looks more like a land we would see in a fantasy movie? Surrounded by nature, the futuristic structures reach up into the sky almost like a castle in a far off land. Speaking of which, I wonder if Disney will make a play on this castle-like city in the Walt Disney Pictures opening production company credit.

Tomorrowland movie disney opening logo

Update: Apparently they will be doing this. Bryan points out that the trailer sneak previews featured a Tomorrowland version of the Disney opening logo.


A motorcycle turns down a street, somewhere in Florida. Who is the rider? we find out in the next shot:

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson

Casey pulls up to a farm house, which looks like it has seen many better days. She has come here in search of something, or someone.

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