Tina Fey Hosted Saturday Night Live

This weekend brought the 43rd season of Saturday Night Live to a close with beloved cast member Tina Fey returning to host the finale. Whenever a cast member comes back as host for the season finale, then we’re usually in store for a ton of cameos from former cast members coming to play around on the show. But last night’s finale brought so much more than that.

When Tina Fey hosted Saturday Night Live last night, she brought quite the array of celebrity cameos, making for one of the most star-studded monologues I’ve seen in awhile. It wasn’t just former cast members coming back either, but there were a handful of big name stars appearing out of nowhere. And the monologue wasn’t the only place where cameos happened in this solid but not great season finale.

The Best

Chicago Improv – As a comedy nerd who has partaken in the improv himself, I can’t tell you how perfectly this sketch parodies the world of improv. Between the warm-up exercises, the jealousy among rising comedians, all the flannel, the arguments that happen between teams, this is hilarious. Plus, the idea of framing this as another entry in the Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med line-up makes it even funnier. Since Tina Fey got her start in the Chicago improv scene, you know this comes from a place of experience and love.

Donald Trump Robert Mueller Cold Open – This season, these timely, political satire cold opens have mostly been misfires. So it was nice to have one that mostly worked. However, the main reason this one works so well is that it’s a fantastic spoof of the series finale of The Sopranos, complete with the return of Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller as Robert Mueller and Michael Cohen. It’s also a bit of a bold way to end this season of political satire, almost like a prediction that we won’t have to deal with this administrations chicanery after this summer. We can certainly dream.

Mean Girls – Tina Fey has her Broadway musical adaptation of Mean Girls on stage right now, and while she doesn’t star in it like she did in her movie of the same name, apparently she tried to take a role on stage. But of course, it doesn’t turn out very well because of Fey’s lack of talent in the musical department. For those keeping track of cameos, Lin-Manuel Miranda pops up in this one for good measure.

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