Star Wars: Death Star Toaster

That’s no moon, it’s a toaster. Seriously, The Fowndry turned the Death Star into a kitchen appliance to cook your Pop-Tarts, bagels, toaster pastries or whatever you need toasted. In addition to toasting food, it also brands it with the Star Wars logo. It will be in stock in October and will cost you roughly $66, but it looks like it ships from overseas, so it might take a little while to get over here.

Star Trek Beyond: Star Fleet Tunic and Dress

Arriving before Star Trek Beyond hits theaters, Anovos’ replica collection of clothing has expanded to include the new Star Fleet shirts and dress worn by the crew of the USS Enterprise. The tunic you can get in Command Gold (Captain), Sciences Blue (Commander) and Operations Red (Lieutenant and future dead person). Apparently the uniforms don’t come with new pants as previous releases from Anovos have.  Thankfully, that’s not a problem for the dress that will be available in the same colors and is actually long-sleeved this time, unlike the dresses for the previous film’s replica uniforms.

You’ll also notice that the Star Fleet Insignia has been redesigned slightly with primarily gold coloring with a silver bevel. Each uniform will come with one, though it’s not clear how it attaches to the fabric. Get the tunic for $150 and the dress for $165 over at Anovos.

Finding Dory: Plush Baby Dory

Undoubtedly one of the most adorable characters to ever grace a Disney movie, the baby version of the forgetful Dory pulls at your heartstrings throughout the entire Pixar sequel. Now you can hold her and squeeze her all you want so she won’t get lost with this plush version of the tiny fish straight from the Disney Store. It’s only $9.95, and that’s not bad at all.

Labyrinth: Funko POP Vinyl Figures

Fans of the 1980s classic starring David Bowie can now bring some of their favorite characters home with them in the form of these Funko POP Vinyl figures that will be arriving in September. The figures include Jareth, Hoggle, Sarah with Worm and 6-inch sized figure of Ludo.

Harry Potter: Juniper Books Hogwarts Trunk Book Set

If for some reason you don’t have all the Harry Potter books yet, or you’re looking for a brand new set, you might want to hit up Juniper Books. You can get the whole set of Harry Potter books in a Hogwarts trunk. It looks like a sturdy cardboard trunk, so it’s nothing super special, but it does fit all seven of the books perfectly.

The real draw of this collection though is that you can get all of the books with new bright and colorful covers inspired by the colors and symbols of each of the Hogwarts houses. So choose Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin for your book covers and the first 300 who get an order in will also get a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with the same style cover. The set will cost you $275 over at Juniper Books right now.

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