The Simpsons season 28 - The Town

I have to say, “The running time is now” is the funniest thing I’ve heard all year.

Oh, good, good.

Who pitched that line?

I don’t remember, I’m sorry. The episode was by Joel [H.] Cohen.

When you introduced the Cat Lady and Disco Stu, did you know they’d become regulars?

No, no. Disco Stu was the guy who’s shirt originally said “Disco Stud” but it lost a D. Cat Lady was just in an episode where there was a kid’s news station. Both of them were just really funny. Hey, if they’re funny, they get to come back.

The first Simpsons you ever did came back wrong. It’s on the first season DVD.

“Some Enchanted Evening,” yeah.

Once you corrected it, did the Korean animators get it?

Well, it wasn’t the Korean animators’ fault. It was a director who I won’t name who had given them instructions to make it scatological and off model. When they were given the correct instructions by David Silverman or Rich Moore, they did great. So it wasn’t an issue with Korea. It was an issue with this one person who ironically was given the first episode and it could’ve wrecked everything, but fortunately it didn’t.

I relate to that because I feel like every business gets it wrong the first time, then they figure it out.

Well, it’s weird because Silverman had done the shorts. Had they just used him, the director of the shorts, to do the first episode, it would’ve been a lot smoother. Fortunately, it didn’t really have any impact in the end.

The Simpsons season 28 - The Town

Whenever you go into the future, do you have the older Bart, Maggie and Lisa ready to go?

The actors do their older versions, Nancy [Cartwright] and Yeardley [Smith].


Yeah, we have animation models for them at various ages. People have said, “Oh, you can time shift the show.” I don’t mind time shifting it for one episode but it’s an odd thing to time shift it permanently. Whenever the show might end, I don’t know when that is, I think it would just end in the same continuity it’s always been.

What are the three Halloween episodes this season?

Well, this year the Halloween show is actually coincidentally and will be celebrated as the 600 episode. So in the beginning we have just a little union of The Simpsons’ greatest enemies in the cold open trying to kill them. Then we have a long dystopian future parody where there’s no water except that Burns has a bunch that he controls.

Is that based on the California crisis?

Yes. They’re fighting to the death to get the water. Then there’s an episode where Lisa has an imaginary friend who’s voiced by Sarah Silverman who’s jealous of her real friends and starts killing them. Then we have a parody, it’s a little bit James Bond and a little bit Kingsman where Bart joins a secret society of secret agents to follow in his father’s footsteps because Homer was a great agent who was killed.

Any other big episodes coming up we should look for?

Yeah, the premiere, as we mentioned Amy Schumer does a cameo, and it’s a secret from Burns’s past. We also have an episode where Burns gets an Oculus and hires the Simpson family and Homer to be his Oculus family. We have a show that’s a partial flashback where we learn how Homer learned how to eat his feelings. It turns into a little bit of the movie Fitzcarraldo where a bunch of fat guys are trying to push a hot dog truck over a hill. It’s maybe similar to recent events, Burns starts a for-profit college, Burns University. Instead of getting real teachers, he just makes the power plant workers teach at the school. Those are some of the good ones and we’ll probably do another election thing. We just did one with Homer and Marge deciding who to vote for that’s gotten about eight million views.

Would you try anything like Homer Live again?

We might although I really thought we did what we could with the technology. I thought that it was fun and we did what we wanted to. That animation is kind of limited. I hard Jon Stewart’s trying to do a daily animated show so I’ll be interested in seeing how that works.


The Simpsons returns tonight, September 25, at 8 PM on Fox.

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