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Lindsey Romain: Finn and Poe’s Shared Jacket in Star Wars: The Force Awakens 

The jacket that launched a thousand fanfics. And rightfully so. Not only does it lead to that dreamy Dameron lip-bite, but it’s also a key piece of The Force Awakens‘ plot, and a visual aid for the character development of Finn. Resistance pilot Poe’s sacrificial outerwear is both a keepsake for his new friend Finn and a representation of Finn’s transition from Stormtrooper to good guy. Wearing the jacket makes Fin a better man – it reminds him of Poe’s inherent goodness, which in one short moment gave Finn a name and a whole new identity. Poe’s heroic sense of self is imbued in that jacket – which, apart from being meaningful, also looks super badass – and when he returns from his apparent death and bestows it to Finn, it’s a passing of the torch. You’re one of us now, dude.

On a more sentimental note, the jacket has had a real pop culture moment outside of the film. I’ve attended several comic conventions in the last few years through work, and it’s hard to keep a dry eye whenever I see a young black or brown kid donning the jacket in his first attempt at cosplay. The same way little girls in Rey costumes warm my heart, little boys in their Finn attire remind me how important that sort of representation is. And that I recognize the outfit and character the moment I see it speaks to how instantly iconic the jacket is.

Sadly, the jacket took a slicing at the end of The Force Awakens – but it looks to be back for The Last Jedi, with some handy stitch work keeping it together. I can’t wait to see it in action.

wild at heart

Chris Evangelista: Sailor’s Snakeskin Jacket in Wild at Heart

“Did I ever tell ya that this here jacket represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?” asks Nicolas Cage in Wild at Heart. David Lynch’s loony love story set finds Cage’s Sailor and Laura Dern’s Lula on the run, riding across the country, encountering one lunatic character after another. Through most of it, Cage sports a snakeskin jacket that has to be seen to be believed. But here’s the best part: the jacket was actually Cage’s to begin with. He asked David Lynch if he could wear it in the film, and Lynch said yes. “[H]e called me one day and asked me if he could wear a snakeskin jacket,” Lynch said. “It thought it was perfect, so I wrote that into the script, too. For me, the joy of filmmaking is that many people tune in to something, one thing leads to another, and you’re off on a fantastic trip. After shooting had wrapped, Cage gave the jacket to Laura Dern. I was unable to find anything confirming Dern still has the jacket, but I’d like to think she does, hanging in a closet somewhere, ready for a new adventure.

back to the future part II jacket

Ethan Anderton: Marty McFly’s Futuristic Jacket in Back to the Future Part II

You can pick jackets/coats that have more style than function all day long, but for my money, Marty McFly Jr.’s jacket from Back to the Future Part II brings both the cool factor and plenty of helpful features.

First of all, this is a jacket that fits to the size of the wearer. If you’ve got big lanky arms, that jacket is gonna fit perfectly. If you’re shorter in stature like a young Michael J. Fox, that jacket will feel like it’s tailor-made for you. With the touch of a small button, that jacket will be yours.

Next up, this is a jacket that dries itself if it gets wet. I’m also taking that to mean that the jacket can also make you warmer when it’s cold outside, which is a pretty damn sweet feature for a coat to have.

Furthermore, I’ve just always liked how cool this jacket looks. Though the forecast for 2015 may be dated and silly now, I think this jacket stands strong as a great piece of fashion for the future. I’ve seen far more ugly and stupid jackets become popular in the real world today when this one looks infinitely better and serves a practical function. It even has pockets good for today’s media devices. The only thing that might make it better is if it had Bluetooth capabilities to blast music out of it. But hey, since we don’t know the full capabilities of this jacket, there’s always a chance it does.

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