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Did you hear that a little movie called Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out in theaters? Yeah, some tiny indie thing. People really seem to like it, though. That’s why we’re regularly rounding up all of the little stories about it that you may have missed elsewhere. In today’s edition:

  • The Simpsons predicted the current Star Wars vs Chipmunks showdown
  • The Star Wars: Card Trader app gets awakened with new updates
  • How one writer saw The Force Awakens completely spoiler-free
  • Just how much money did Harrison Ford make to play Han Solo again?
  • The origin stories of Kylo Ren and Finn
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson trolls Star Wars fans on Twitter
  • The Onion reviews The Force Awakens
  • Someone has successfully 3D-printed their own BB-8
  • Kevin Smith chats about The Force Awakens for 40 minutes

The Simpsons doesn’t always have its finger on the pulse of popular culture these days, but the immortal animated series still manages to speak great truths every once in awhile. For example, the episode “Homer the Whopper,” which premiered in 2009, suggested a time when a new Star Wars movie would open against an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie (as seen above). Bonus points are awarded because the fictitious title for that Star Wars sequel could very well also be the title for The Force Awakens. A tip of the hat to Mashable for this one.

card trader 4

The powerful time and money suck that is the Star Wars: Card Trader app will now include cards inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You know, just in case you needed to obsess over your digital collection a little bit more. Check out a few examples of what to expect in the gallery below.

As you can see, the next app update will include concept art cards, story cards (painted versions of scenes from the film), armory cards (closer looks at blasters and weapons), and more.

Star WArs: The Force Awakens

Thrillist Entertainment editor Matt Patches has spent the past three years avoiding Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers of any kind. No trailers, no posters, no photos, no rumors. Nothing. As the only person on the planet who walked into the movie this blind, his observations have been fascinating. His huge post on how he accomplished this and how it transformed his experience is hilarious and thoughtful must-read. A quick sample:

“Spoiler-dodging, as you may glean from the countless “DUDE, WTF!!” comments cluttering your choice social media, is tiresome. As friends noted early on, my profession made this an especially ridiculous trial. Fair. The easy solution would have been to move to Ted Kaczynski’s abandoned cabin in Montana and live a hermit life until pre-sale tickets were up for grabs, but life was a priority. And with no such thing as “getting off the Internet” in 2015, workarounds were a must. I un-bookmarked websites frequented for confectionary amusement. I muted and unfollowed friends with crossover interests. I spent $10 for a Twitter app that blocked key phrases like “Chewbacca,” “lightsaber,” and “SW” (apologies to Tilda SWinton and Taylor SWift, collateral damage in the purge). A Facebook plug-in disabled all things Star Wars from my feed, reducing the platform to a numbing stream of cat photos, self-help confessions, and chain-letter re-shares.

Over many months, I’d devolve into a skittish paranoid who bolts out of pre-screening entertainment, declines Star Wars-related writing assignments to keep up this nonsense, and browse the web with one hand blocking the screen, alway cautious of a Star Wars-themed banner. That’s what you do if you want to check the front page of The New York Times without catching a glimpse of the Force Awakens poster. In the final weeks, with Episode VII mania at its loudest, I installed an pop-up blockade that dimmed the screen and flashed a warning whenever the crawler hit a webpage mentioning Star Wars. Which was Every. Fucking. Page.”

solo salary

In news that shouldn’t surprise anyone who pauses to think about it for more than three seconds, Variety has revealed that Harrison Ford was paid significantly more than his co-stars for his work in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Because he’s Harrison Ford, he was able to command a salary of $10-$20 million, which is about what you’d expect from a movie star of his stature.

Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill made significantly less (the “low seven figure range”), but their roles in the film are also much smaller and they aren’t one of the most famous actors in the history of the film medium. As for the newcomers, the more established Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver received “mid to high-six figures” paychecks while the lesser known Daisy Ridley and John Boyega pocketed somewhere between $100k and $300k.

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