The Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Human Thor is Human

Age of Ultron is a bit disappointing compared to the first Avengers movie. However, Marvel still successfully blended humor, action, and conflict. Plus, this is the first movie featuring Thor that is not about Loki or any Asgard royal family drama.

Rather than taking another backseat in the ensemble, Thor is front-and-center. His apocalyptic visions and knowledge of the Infinity Stones are a main part of the storyline. When the Avengers discover that Loki’s scepter is being used in Hydra experiments, Thor and the gang travel to Sokovia to destroy it. Subsequently, they end up destroying a lot of other things as well.

Thor’s character in Age of Ultron is more humanized since he has been on Earth since Thor: The Dark World. He starts to fit in, understand the human world, and feel at home. He’s even wearing normal clothes! Thor is still the noble God of Thunder, but he’s much less angry than we’ve seen in previous films. His humor and a sense of normalcy take center stage. He’s smiling more, laughing, and letting loose.

Even the funniest scene in the movie is centered around Thor. During a casual party with the gang, he challenges everyone to try and lift his hammer. While the Avengers struggle with Mjolnir, Thor teases them with one-liners and clever comebacks as he chugs more beer. This is the first time we see Thor having fun! After four movies, he is finally letting his guard down a bit. Yes, Thor can be silly, too.

Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters (2016)

Secretary Thor

Ghostbusters isn’t a Marvel movie, but it does star Chris Hemsworth as a goofy secretary. Even though Ghostbusters didn’t win over audiences, Hemsworth’s comedic performance shines through. He is easily the funniest character in the entire movie.

Suddenly, “Secretary Thor” was the token class clown. Audiences loved the hilarious Hemsworth and Marvel took notice.  In an interview with EW, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Watiti explains that a large part of what his film does is destroy and reinvent the idea of what kind of character Thor is. Waititi wanted to focus on Chris Hemsworth’s comedic abilities, as seen in films like Ghostbusters. He wanted to give Thor every possible chance to be silly and play to Hemsworth’s strengths.

The Thor Shorts

Goofy Thor is Goofy

We all noticed that absence of Thor in Captain America: Civil War. Thankfully, Watiti directed a series of shorts starring Thor and his roommate Darryl to bring us up to date.

Apparently, Thor decided to take a little “me-time” and settle down in Australia with an everyday person. Thor tells us exactly what he’s been up to, which isn’t much at all other than making a cradle for Mjolnir, harassing his dorky roommate, and charting the whereabouts of the Infinity Stones. These hysterical shorts are the first time we meet Watiti’s version of Thor. We can’t ignore the fact that this new Thor often leans on stupidity to get a few good laughs. It’s not that Watiti dumbed him down – he’s just goofier than he was in previous Marvel films.

thor ragnarok tv spot

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Perfect Thor is Perfect

Thor: Ragnarok is Marvel’s silliest movie yet and is currently the best reviewed MCU film of all time. Taking cosmic cues from Guardians of the Galaxy and playing heavily on Hemsworth’s comedic chops, Ragnarok is total blast. As a character, Thor is at his very best, sticking to his true nature and purpose while adding in quick-witted, laugh-out-loud humor.

Watiti doesn’t destroy the Thor we already know, he just seamlessly blends in fun, hilarity, and all around good times. The clever banter between Thor and Loki is the spotlight. Finally, these two brothers are acting like actual siblings and not mortal enemies. Thor and Hulk/Bruce Banner also have a buddy comedy skit going on throughout the entire film that works flawlessly. Who knew Banner could be so funny as well?

Ragnarok gives us the silly superhero version of Thor that we didn’t know we even wanted. However, there are a few moments where his intelligence is compromised for the sake of landing a punchline. This is a bit disappointing because dumb does not always equal funny and Thor is much smarter than an average bonehead.

Still, Raganok is good! It’s so different that I’m not even sure it makes sense to call it part of the original Thor trilogy. It’s light-hearted, flashy and full of wacky characters and bizarre new places. The evolution is complete. From the time of his brooding live-action debut to this very moment, Thor slowly changed from being an all-too-serious warrior to a silly superhero. Thor films went from being dark and ominous to, well, fun.

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