The Best Teaser Trailers of All Time


31. Comedian

This little seen Jerry Seinfeld documentary is actually pretty great, and the teaser trailer skipped footage from the doc to instead parody the movie trailer cliches. Hal Douglas, perhaps the second most prolific trailer voice-over artist (after Don LaFontaine), stars in the teaser which introduces the movie through the recording of the very advertisement.

30. Men in Black

This trailer does a great job selling of the concept, spending the first half of the trailer building to the big UFO crash reveal, which is the only clip from the movie in the advertisement.

29. Little Children 

The teaser for Little Children does a great job of using the juxtaposition of an approaching train with scenes from the story to create a quickly rising tension.

28. Kill Bill

The first Kill Bill trailer is sold on nothing but cool factor — cool shorts, cool music, cool action, a cool director, and cool actors.

27. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The very first teaser trailer for The Lord of the Rings was an online exclusive, probably one of the first big internet trailers. This pick, from Germain Lussier, teased not only The Fellowship of the Ring but the entire Lord of the Rings epic trilogy. I remember all my friends watching this over and over and over again when it came out.

26. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen is certainly not a good film, by anyone’s standards, but the teaser trailer is a work of popcorn art. It packs tons of explosions, large scale destruction, exciting transformations, suspenseful moments and huge Transformers of unbelievable scale. Sure the film ended up being a gigantic mess, but its hard not to get excited while watching this first trailer, even knowing the result.

25. Pearl Harbor

Another great Michael Bay teaser trailer for a not-so-good movie, selling patriotism through explosions and slow motion.

24. Super 8 

JJ Abrams attempted to recapture the surprise of Cloverfield with his Super 8 trailer, which was released before the project had even been formerly announced. The teaser surprised and offered a nice big mystery box for everyone to wonder about.

The first trailer with footage from the actual film is just as great, really capturing the nostalgic americana of Speilberg’s 1980’s Amblin movies.

23. Interstellar

I feel like auteur filmmakers have recently made a strong effort to bring back the teaser trailer style of yesteryear. Christopher Nolan is one of those filmmakers and while I didn’t love the Batman trilogy teasers, they did a good job at exciting without spoiling almost anything. The 2-minute Interstellar teaser is my favorite from the filmmaker, as it shows probably only 10 seconds of footage from the actual film, but sets the mood and tone perfectly. It also ends with a shot that isn’t in the film, of Coop’s daughter Murph watching the rocket launch. I’m not sure if this was specially created for the teaser or is actually a deleted scene. I also love how the teaser ends with “One year from now.”

22. Iron Man

A version of this Iron Man teaser trailer was first shown at Comic Con and the response from Hall H exploded through the roof. The audience requested that Jon Favreau and crew play the trailer a second time. Marvel head Kevin Feige has publicly stated the importance of the moment which became the beginning of Marvel Studio’s legacy.

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