27 People Who Could (or Should) Direct ‘The Batman’

ezra edelman

Out of Left Field

Ezra Edelman

Many documentary filmmakers have managed to break into the fictional realm, so here’s the question I’ll shout at the heavens: why not Ezra Edelman? Why not let the director of O.J.: Made in America, one of the best movies released in 2016, direct The Batman? You just know that he’ll have opinions on Batman and you just know that his take would be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and you just know that this is never going to happen, but oh, man…why not?


Pablo Larraín

If you want a chuckle, imagine Pablo Larraín’s face when Warner Bros. gives him a call to offer him The Batman. It’s hard to imagine the director of No and The Club having any interest in a comic book movie. Impossible, even. And yet, he undoubtedly has the chops – his films are as technically precise and assembled as any others being made today and if he had the desire, he’d make one of the most visually arresting superhero movies of all time. Plus, I’d love to see the director of Jackie get into Bruce Wayne’s head and really rummage through his inner demons for 120 minutes.

na hong-jin

Na Hong-jin

Like Kim Jee-woon, it’s not clear if Na Hong-jin has any desire to leave South Korea and muddle around Hollywood. At the same time, the director of The Chaser, The Yellow Sea, and The Wailing is the kind of oddball choice that could lead to something truly spectacular. Na has an eye for action (there are knife fights in The Yellow Sea that take my breath away), but he also has an eye for misery and the human capacity for suffering. In other words, he’s…kind of perfect for Batman? Did I just write that?


André Øvredal

It blows my mind that it took André Øvredal six years to make his second movie happen. His 2010 found footage adventure film Trollhunter is one of the best films of its kind, using a familiar format to tell an unfamiliar story that continuously tops itself in terms of scale, spectacle, scares, and laughs. It’s a brilliant (and brilliantly accessible) movie. His second film, the claustrophobic horror movie The Autopsy of Jane Doe, may be even better. While a Batman movie will benefit from someone who knows how to stage action, it will also benefit from someone well-rehearsed in crafting entertaining dread. Øvredal would be a left field, but astonishing, choice.

lynne ramsay

Lynne Ramsay

After what went down on the set of Jane Got a Gun, it’s hard to imagine Warner Bros. entrusting its cornerstone character to Lynne Ramsay. But we’re just having fun here, right? I have no idea what a Batman movie directed by the woman behind We Need to Talk About Kevin and Ratcatcher looks like, but  I would pay evening prices at my local theater to find out.

ben wheatley

Ben Wheatley

I wonder if Ben Wheatley would even say yes if the Batman directing job passed his desk. I wonder if the eclectic and divisive director behind divisive masterpieces like Kill List, Sightseers, and High-Rise would be interested in this material at all. And then I remember that he directed two episodes of Doctor Who and I wonder “Maybe. Just maybe.”

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