The 20 Best Movie Posters of 2018

Deadpool 2

13. Deadpool 2

Considering the satirical and spoof-like nature of Deadpool, it would have made more sense to do some kind of poster that puts a fun spin on a popular sequel. But Deadpool is also subversive, so doing a Flashdance pose with bullets raining down instead of bullets works so much better. There’s younger fans who might not get the reference, but the image is still funny on its own.

The Predator

12. The Predator

I’m always a sucker for images composed of smaller objects, like in the style of a mosaic. In this case, it’s a series of skulls, spines and teeth that form the face of the galaxy’s most notorious game hunter. It’s a shame they could sneak a couple xenomorph skulls in there for shits and giggles, but we won’t hold it against them.

The Favourite

11. The Favourite

Having a little Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz sitting on the queen’s face is not only surprisingly accurate based on the erotic nature of the relationship between the characters, but it’s also a great way to illustrate how the two try to use Olivia Colman (as Queen Anne) as a puppet to better their own lives.

The First Purge

10. The First Purge

The sight of a red hat this style inspires fury among millions, and that’s why using it to represent something as despicable as The Purge is perfect. Tying the corruption of the asshole-in-chief to that of those behind the first Purge sends a clear message.


9. Suspiria

Much like the movie itself, this poster is an abstract piece of art. It’s a shame it needs all the credits on there, because the peering eyes and the bright blood splatters are truly mesmerizing. The wild, ransom letter-like font of the title only make it that much more vivacious.

Incredibles 2

8. Incredibles 2

The art of the teaser poster is one that doesn’t get enough credit, and this poster does so much with so little. Not only does it announce the impending return of the superhero family known as The Incredibles, but it does it in a way that lets people know that the family dynamic that made the first movie so great will still be there by having the super suits in the laundry.


7. Hereditary

You’d be hard-pressed to find a creepier family photo than this. though each member of the family looks like they’re posing for the annual Sears portrait, each looks troubled and disheveled, indicating that there’s not much happy going on with this family, and for anyone who has already seen the movie, that’s the understatement of the year.

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