Sinemia Debit Card

Even though MoviePass was the king of the movie ticket subscription service for a time, their shady practices of constantly changing the policies and capabilities of their service quickly turned them into an undesirable company. One of the other subscription services picking up the pieces has been Sinemia, who offers their own reasonably priced subscription plans to allow users to see movies on the cheap. However, recently there have been complaints about added online fees, making their discount on tickets practically useless. Thankfully, Sinemia has come up with a solution, albeit one that isn’t the most efficient. Read More »

New Sinemia Weekday Subscriptions

Sinemia is continuing to take full advantage of the downfall of MoviePass, and they might even be looking to entice some AMC Stubs A-List members who might not be happy about the recent slight price increase. The movie ticket subscription service has announced a new series of weekday plans with the hopes of filling theaters on the less popular days by offering cheaper subscriptions. This could be a great option for those moviegoers who don’t feel the need to hit movie theaters on opening weekend.

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subscription services

While movie ticket subscription services like MoviePass and AMC A-List have earned a majority of the flashy headlines over the past year or so, Sinemia has quietly proven itself to be one of the most reliable alternatives available for movie lovers. Last month they revealed an unlimited movie plan for $29.99 per month, but today the company has taken an interesting new step with a new announcement: Sinemia has created software that will allow any movie theater to create their own individual movie ticket subscription services – and those new customizable plans can start rolling out in just two weeks from now. Read More »

unlimited movie subscription plan

Things have been relatively quiet in the movie subscription world lately, but today is the day that changes. On the heels of AMC Stubs A-List’s announcement earlier this morning, Sinemia has unveiled a brand new unlimited movie subscription plan that will cost $29.99 per month. The company has been offering unlimited plans to customers in Europe for years, and it sounds like they’ve landed on a sustainable price point to keep that model alive for U.S. audiences. Get all the details about the new plan below.
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Sinemia Subscription

Against all odds, MoviePass has managed to survive another week. But after canceling all their annual subscriptions for unlimited tickets and forcing subscribers to either switch over to their new $9.99 monthly plan or cancel the service altogether, the company is losing even more of their subscriber base. That means there are plenty of customers looking for a more reliable service, and Sinemia is here to offer their assistance.

Sinemia has announced a new $9.99 a month plan that provides three movie tickets each month to any 2D-format screening for any movie, at any theater, with the ability to purchase tickets in advance and select seats, and there are no blackout dates or surge pricing. That sound you hear is MoviePass executives screaming and banging their head against the wall. Read More »

Sinemia Movie Ticket Subscription Plan

While AMC’s A-List continues to gain traction and MoviePass stands on shaky ground with its unpopular business decisions, Sinemia is stepping up as a worthy competitor in the growing movie ticket subscription service industry. Following its introduction of family plans and online reservations, Sinemia is going to be lowering prices astronomically. For a limited time, Sinemia is offering plans for as low as $3.99 a month — less than half the price of MoviePass’s famous $9.95 a month deal. It’s a steal, but only for the summer.

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Sinemia family plans

MoviePass will soon let you bring a friend to the movies, but Sinemia has released a new spate of plans that will let you bring your whole family.

On the heels of MoviePass’ recently announced “Bring a Friend” feature, Sinemia family plans have been introduced by the competing ticket-buying service. Under these new plans, Sinemia subscribers can purchase plans for up to six people.

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Sinemia Cardless

MoviePass is currently the king of movie ticket subscription companies, but their reign may not last forever. Sinemia is their chief competitor at the moment, and we recently wrote about how Sinemia is having trouble keeping up with demand for their services and that they’re experiencing some of the same growing pains that MoviePass was feeling last year.

But instead of just shrugging and sacrificing customer service altogether, Sinemia actually seems to be doing something to fix their problems. Today, the company unveiled Sinemia Cardless, a new feature that allows their customers to reserve tickets online even if their membership card hasn’t arrived yet.  Read More »

Sinemia Movie

Earlier this week, we wrote about how movie ticket subscription service Sinemia seemed to be taking advantage of MoviePass’s recent struggles by unveiling a series of new plans aimed at couples and friends who want to go to the movies together. But things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows at Sinemia headquarters, because a new report shows that they’re having trouble keeping up with heavy demand. New users aren’t receiving their membership cards in a timely fashion – sounds familiar, right? Read More »

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Sinemia Movie Ticket Subscription Plan

While MoviePass is apparently struggling to make it through the summer, their competitor Sinemia is unveiling a new batch of subscription plans so moviegoers can bring someone with them to the movies.

In case you haven’t heard, Sinemia is another movie ticket subscription service, but their plans are both a little more conservative and offer more freedom. Instead of going crazy and letting movie goers buy one movie ticket everyday, subscribers pay a flat fee for either one, two or three movie tickets each month. While the plans aren’t as plentiful, it’s still a solid discount off tickets, and there are no restrictions when it comes to 3D or IMAX screenings on a couple of the offerings.

Now, in an effort to expand their subscription offerings, Sinemia has unveiled a new “Sinemia for Two” set of plans. They cost double the price of the usual Sinemia subscriptions, but they give you two tickets. One ticket is for you, and the other is for whoever you want to bring to the movies with you. Find out more about Sinemia subscriptions below. Read More »