little mermaid remake cast

Singer-actress Halle Bailey wants to be where the people are, so she’s joined Disney’s Little Mermaid remake cast. Bailey will play lead character Ariel, who really wants to get away from her undersea kingdom and hang out with us lousy land-dwelling humans. The cast for Disney’s latest live-action remake is coming together quickly, with Melissa McCarthy, Jacob Tremblay, and Awkwafina all in talks to dive into the project.

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live-action little mermaid cast

Melissa McCarthy might be getting ready to go under the sea, because Disney wants the Can You Ever Forgive Me actress to play the villainous Ursula in their live-action The Little Mermaid remake. The sea witch character in the Disney original offers mermaid Ariel a Faustian bargain to grow legs and live on the land to seduce a handsome prince. Of course, since she’s a villain, she has more nefarious plans in store. Rob Marshall is set to helm the live-action Mermaid, which is good or bad news depending on where you stand on Rob Marshall. On the plus side, Lin-Manuel Miranda is on board to write new songs.

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mary poppins returns featurette musical number

Mary Poppins Returns is now playing in theaters everywhere, and if you caught the Disney musical over the holiday weekend, you likely noticed the biggest production number revolved around the song “Trip A Little Light Fantastic.” A new Mary Poppins Returns featurette goes behind the scenes to show you how much work went into making this number a reality.

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Rob Marshall interview

If you’re familiar with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, you know that depending on the circumstances, 10 minutes can seem like it lasts forever or it can go by in the blink of an eye. When speaking with talent at a press junket, it regularly feels like the latter – which is why, when I spoke with Mary Poppins Returns director/co-choreographer Rob Marshall, I didn’t bother asking a wide range of questions that tried to cram in anecdotes from the entire production. Instead, I mostly kept the focus on one big stretch of the movie: the scenes in which live-action and animation interact with each other as Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt), Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda) and the Banks children travel into a Royal Doulton bowl. Read on for our full Rob Marshall interview, in which he gives us insight about how those scenes came together, touches on the idea of nostalgia, and reveals his favorite easter egg in the new sequel. Read More »

mary poppins returns featurette

How do you recapture the magic of a classic movie like Mary Poppins? By casting a lead actress who is practically perfect in every way. Emily Blunt gets the spotlight in the latest Mary Poppins Returns  featurette released by Disney, which delves into how the story continues for the magical nanny and the Banks children.

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mary poppins returns early buzz

The social media embargo for Mary Poppins Returns has lifted like an otherworldly nanny floating up into the sky, and the early buzz is rolling in. Do critics find the Emily Blunt-starring Mary Poppins sequel magical? Does Lin-Manuel Miranda shine in his first big screen role? Does director Rob Marshall rekindle the spirit of the original? Or is the end result supercalifragilisticexpialistupid? Read the Mary Poppins Returns early buzz below!

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mary poppins returns songs

This holiday season, Mary Poppins Returns, and she means business. The sequel the classic Disney musical finds Emily Blunt taking up Mary’s magic umbrella, and teaming up with Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda. Like the original Mary Poppins, this follow-up film is a musical, and you owe it to yourself to stop whatever menial task your performing right now and listen to two Mary Poppins Returns songs below. They’re supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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Mary Poppins Returns images

It’s been 54 years since Julie Andrews became an instant cinematic icon in Disney’s Mary Poppins, winning an Oscar for her role as the magical nanny who’s practically perfect in every way. Now Andrews is passing the baton (or more appropriately, the talking umbrella) to Emily Blunt, who takes over the role in next month’s Mary Poppins Returns.

Entertainment Weekly has published several new photos from the highly-anticipated sequel, and you can see a few of them below.
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mary poppins returns trailer

Remember Mary Poppins? She’s back, in sequel form. Mary Poppins Returns resurrects everyone’s favorite supernatural nanny, with Emily Blunt taking over for Julie Andrews. The film finds Mary back to help the next generation of the Banks family, and yes, it looks whimsical as hell. Watch the Marry Poppins Returns trailer below.

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mary poppins returns image

The 1964 Mary Poppins was practically perfect in every way. From the songs to the dance sequences to the immeasurable Julie Andrews, the original Mary Poppins deserves its place as one of the greatest movie musicals of all time.

So director Rob Marshall and star Emily Blunt have quite a task on their hands with the highly anticipated sequel Mary Poppins ReturnsCould this sequel live up to the original’s candy-coated fever dream? The ominous first trailer didn’t seem to indicate as much, but a new Mary Poppins Returns image suggests that the sequel will still be the cheery and whimsical Mary Poppins that we remember.

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