With the English-language releases Snowpiercer and OkjaBong Joon-Ho has made some of the wildest and boldest cross-cultural films in recent memory. Now, the South Korean director makes a return to his home country — and what appears to be a return to his darker, genre-defying style — for his latest film, Parasite. Watch the trailer below.

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bong joon-ho parasite

Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho burst onto the scene with 2003’s Memories of Murder, and has grown into one of the most successful international directors working right now. His most recent movie, 2017’s environmental action comedy Okja, was bought by Netflix, where most audiences outside of film festivals streamed it. But now there’s some good news for those who love the good old fashioned theatrical experience: distribution rights to Bong’s newest film, Parasite, have been purchased by NEON, so fans will be able to see the film on the big screen.  Read More »