the mandalorian trailer Ming-Na Wen

We’re closer than ever to the debut of The Mandalorian, the new Star Wars streaming series arriving on Disney+. Ahead of next week’s premiere, a new Mandalorian trailer has provided us with our first look at Ming-Na Wen‘s character, assassin Fennec Shand. We also get to hear Nick Nolte’s very distinct voice – the type of voice that sounds as if Nolte washed down a breakfast of broken glass with a tall glass of motor oil. Watch the trailer, and see a new image, below.

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Nick Nolte Mandalorian character

Nick Nolte is headed to a galaxy far, far away on the upcoming Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian. And now we might now know who the grizzled actor is playing. In addition to that, a rumor claims the show will feature the bounty hunter characters first introduced in The Empire Strikes Back – something the now-cancelled Boba Fett movie was originally going to do. More on that, and the Nick Nolte Mandalorian character below.

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The Star Wars series has always been a home for wizened older actors with a talent for lending gravitas to sometimes silly situations. Just to name a few: Alec Guinness, Ian McDiarmid, and Max Von Sydow. Now, that tradition will continue on the small screen, as three-time Oscar nominee Nick Nolte has joined the cast of The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars TV series.

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head full of honey trailer

German director Til Schweiger directs the English-language remake of his own film, Head Full of Honey, which stars Nick Nolte as a grandfather struggling with Alzheimer’s. See the Head Full of Honey trailer below.

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Gavin O’Connor has directed two movies that should’ve had bigger audiences. Miracle did respectably at the box office, but that inspiring drama still felt slightly overlooked the year it came out. O’Connor’s 2011 film, Warrior, opened to positive reviews but a weak opening at the box office. The movie, which reportedly cost $25 million, made under $14 million in the States. It was a shame seeing a movie that sincere not connect, but the film has found some fans over the years. Maybe not enough fans to make a Warrior 2 a reality, but that’s not stopping O’Connor from considering a sequel.

Below, read what O’Connor had to say about a Warrior sequel.

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A Walk in the Woods trailer

It’s not quite “Grumpy Old Men on the Appalachian Trail,” but A Walk in the Woods mines the memoir by Bill Bryson for the story of two old guys, played by Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, as reconnected friends of old who take to the two-thousand mile trail. The adventure is an excuse for some light, genial comedy as the two struggle through nature, and a few great comic actors, such as Kristen Schaal and Nick Offerman even show up to lend a hand once in a while. You’ll see it all on display in this A Walk in the Woods trailer. Read More »


Adam Sandler‘s first picture for Netflix is taking shape. Sandler is set to star in Ridiculous 6 with Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson, and Terry Crews. Also appearing will be Nick Nolte, Steve Buscemi, and Dan Aykroyd. More on the Adam Sandler Ridiculous 6 movie after the jump.  Read More »

Hateship Loveship

Kristen Wiig may have gotten her start on Saturday Night Live, but her range as an actress expands far beyond comedy. The new Hateship Loveship trailer takes her to the dramatic end of the spectrum, playing the mousy caretaker to troubled teen Sabitha (Hailee Steinfeld).

The plot gets rolling when Sabitha plays a cruel practical joke on Wiig’s Johanna, encouraging her to fall for Sabitha’s recovering drug addict dad Ken (Guy Pearce). The picture was helmed by Liza Johnson, director of the acclaimed if underseen Return, and based on Alice Munro’s short story Hateship Loveship Courtship Loveship Marriage. Watch the Hateship Loveship trailer after the jump.

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Nick Nolte Boards Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’

Nick Nolte in Warrior

It’s not surprising that Darren Aronofsky has managed to put together an excellent cast for his Biblical epic Noah. What is surprising is that he’s still adding to it, just two and a half months before the film’s premiere.

The director revealed this morning that he had added Nick Nolte in the role of Samyaza, which was previously associated with recurring Aronofsky player Mark Margolis (a.k.a. Hector Salamanca from Breaking Bad). Hit the jump to see what Aronofsky had to say about the casting.

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Redford Nolte

The director of Borat and former writer of Star Wars Episode VII are teaming up to bring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte into nature. Larry Charles (Borat, Seinfeld) will direct A Walk in the Woods, based on the memoir by Bill Bryson. Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine) adapted the screenplay which follows a travel writer (Redford) who decides to hike the Appalachian Trail with a former high-school friend (Nolte). Read More »