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The 2014 Sundance Film Festival hasn’t even started yet and the second huge American film festival on the calendar is already announcing its lineup. That would be South by Southwest 2014, which takes place in Austin TX from March 7-15. The two biggest announcements so far are for opening night, which will feature the world premiere of Chef, directed by Jon Favreau, and the highly anticipated Veronica Mars film. (Which became a Kickstarter sensation during last year’s festival.) But that’s not all. A conversation with Alejendro Jodorowsky, a new film co-written by Mark Duplass, and more are in the first announcements. Read about the first batch of films playing at SXSW 2014 below. Read More »

Bradley Cooper

There’s a showdown brewing in the kitchen. Years ago, David Fincher was attached to direct a film called Chef. His version never happened, but John Wells, whose film adaptation of Osage: Orange County just debuted a trailer, is going to make the movie from the script by Steven Knight. The Weinstein Company is behind the film, and they’ve just landed Bradley Cooper as the star. Good job, guys!

But while that Chef was floundering, before Wells and Cooper came on, Jon Favreau wrote his own indie called Chef, and has recruited actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Sofia Vergara (and possibly Scarlett Johansson) to join him. He plans to shoot the film this summer.

So who gets the title? The film that had it first, or the movie that shoots first? How about the one with the more powerful lawyers? Read More »


The ascent of Robert Downey Jr. from near-outcast status to major movie star can be traced in part to Jon Favreau, who lobbied to cast Downey as Tony Stark in Iron Man. The success of the film minted the actor as a bona-fide star, and also helped push Favreau’s directorial career to a new level.

Now the two will work together once again on a much smaller project: an indie ensemble comedy called Chef. (Not to be confused with the project of the same name that once had David Fincher attached to direct.) Favreau scripted, and has assembled a cast that also features Sofia Vergara, John Leguizamo, and Bobby Cannavale. Read More »

Jon Favreau Going Indie With ‘Chef’

Jon Favreau

After directing a string of big-budget actioners — Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Cowboys & AliensJon Favreau will get back in touch with his indie roots with his next project. The filmmaker has signed on to direct in star in Chef, which he also wrote and will produce.

In addition to Favreau, the cast will feature some solid talents including Sofia Vergara and Bobby CannavaleJohn Leguizamo is also said to be circling. Get more details after the jump.

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It wasn’t so long ago that Bradley Cooper was mostly thought of as the guy from Wedding Crashers and The Hangover, but these days his dance card is filled with projects by David O. Russell, Susanne Bier, Cameron Crowe, and the like. One he’s got coming up next year is The Place Beyond the Pines, from Blue Valentine helmer Derek Cianfrance, and now the pair are already gearing up to reunite on a new project called Chef.

Well — new to them. In fact, Chef has been simmering (sorry! had to) since about 2008, when David Fincher was attached to direct with Keanu Reeves set to star. More details after the jump.

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Production Weekly is reporting that David Fincher is now attached to direct Keanu Reeves in a film about a Chef. I would love to tell you more, but unfortunately no other information is available at this time. One would assume that the chef might be a serial killer or be involved in some scheme which is extremely dark yet still slightly comical. The project is set-up at Sony.

/Film reader Eli G points out that in 2001 he was supposed to be working with Brad Pitt on SEARED. The movie was going to be based on Anthony Bourdains book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, which was later turned into an unsuccessful television series.

Discuss: What could this project be about?