Which silly vehicle from the comics is coming to LEGO Marvel’s Avengers? Where does Adrianne Palicki have a Supergirl tattoo? How did Scott Lang and Hank Pym meet in a deleted scene from Ant-Man? What could have the Fantasticar looked like in the Fantastic Four reboot? Will we see Spider-Man before Civil War hits theaters? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Game director Arthur Parsons revealed a silly new vehicle for LEGO Marvel Avengers.

Here are 10 facts you should know about Black Panther before Captain America: Civil War.

A new featurette shows how Lash‘s transformation is created in Agents of SHIELD.

Stan Lee kinda has a cameo that can be spotted in Jessica Jones.


Here’s another vastly different alternate suit design for Ant-Man.

A report indicated Said Taghmaoui was playing a superhero in Wonder Woman, but that’s not true.

Some cool Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shirts have been revealed.

Here are five villains that should take on Spider-Man in Sony’s second franchise reboot.

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