Will Thor deal with a female villain in Thor: Ragnarok? Where will Wonder Woman and Justice League shoot? What does Christian Bale think of that intricate Batman v Superman theory tying into Christopher Nolan‘s movies? Which of the X-Men does James McAvoy say has the worst powers? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Here’s a tease of a featurette on the macroverse from next month’s Ant-Man Blu-ray release.

Was Nightcrawler almost Jewish or Sabretooth‘s son in the X-Men comics?

Here’s a fanmade poster for Suicide Squad.

How can Thanos solve the problem Marvel has with villains in their cinematic universe?

Ultron creates some trouble for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Reassembled.

Find out where Justice League and Wonder Woman will be filming.


Here’s a list of Batman comics that should become animated movies.

Christian Bale addresses that bonkers Batman v Superman theory.

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