What do Arrow and X-Men have in common? What can you expect in the Captain America: Civil War trailer? Who does Sienna Miller want to play for Marvel Studios? How good is Ryan Reynolds‘ impression of Hugh Jackman? Does Michael Keaton think Batman could beat up the Hulk? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Did you know about this connection between Arrow and X-Men?

Is Elektra from Daredevil based on a Bond girl?

Some new fan art of Zoom from The Flash by Bosslogic.

See images from behind the scenes of recent Deadpool reshoots.

LEGO Marvel Avengers is bringing the Igor Iron Man suit to gameplay.

No joke: Rod Stewart has a new song called Batman Superman Spiderman (yes, without a hyphen).


Are these the 15 most powerful villains of the DC Comics universe?

Russo Brothers say the Captain America: Civil War trailer is almost done.

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