What are eight things we can expect to see in The Dark Knight Rises? Does Chris Hemsworth have thoughts on possible Thor 2 director Patty Jenkins? Which villains could possibly appear in later films in the Man of Steel universe? What do the X-Men look like in stained glass? Who is the new head of Professor X’s school in the X-Men universe?  Read about all of this, plus a ton of quotes about The Avengers, in today’s Superhero Bits!

Blastr has a funny list of the five things we can learn from the new EW Avengers cover.

Red Bubble (via Shirtoid) highlights this Judd Apatow/Joker mashup.

The new Green Lantern animated series will be screening at New York Comic-Con according to Superhero Hype.

In the new Entertainment Weekly cover story, they spoke to all of The Avengers about the film. Here’s one such quote from Robert Downey Jr. More at the link.

Well, I said, ‘I need to be in the opening sequence. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but Tony needs to drive this thing.’ [Joss Whedon] was like, ‘Okay, let’s try that.’ We tried it and it didn’t work, because this is a different sort of thing, the story and the idea and the theme is the theme, and everybody is just an arm of the octopus. But what was I like? As usual, just f—ing aggressive and hurtful; whatever. The usual.

/Film reader Ryan C sent in photos of an in-progress Marvel sleeve tattoo. That’s one image above, here’s his description of the rest:

I just started work on a full sleeve marvel tattoo, here are a few photos of some s initial outline work. The photos will show Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man webslinging to a spiderweb on my elbow and Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk going up my arm until Hulk pulls himself through my shoulder. There is also a lightning bolt coming down the entire arm and hitting Thor’s hammer. This is just the initial outline work

Gamma Squad points us to this X-Men stained glass sticker over at Fay Productions.

Kind of obvious, but a good quote nonetheless, Michael Shannon told Black Book it was the Man of Steel script that attracted him to the film.

One of the main things on that is that Chris Nolan and David Goyer were in there writing the script, and those guys know what they’re doing. It can’t just be because it’s Superman. There’s no promises anybody’s going to automatically love the movie just because it’s Superman. There still has to be quality in all aspects of it. And yeah, I felt very confident making the decision to be involved because of the script, and because of [director Zack Snyder’s] work as well.

Albotas (via Nerdcore) posted these awesome handmade Batman slingshots. Don’t shoot your eye out!

Chris Hemsworth commented to the Los Angeles Times about possible Thor 2 director Patty Jenkins:

She has a great take on the story and a solid grasp on that kind of universe. Branagh read every comic book he could get his hands on. She also looked like she had done her homework.

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