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Is this what triggers the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War? Want to sign a petition demanding Fox return the Fantastic Four rights to Marvel? Which Marvel hero does Ronda Rousey want to play? Has Arrow cast another love interest for Oliver Queen? Just what is Gotham teasing for Season 2 with this tantalizing photo? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

A nifty Grand Theft Auto V PC mod sends the Hulkbuster zipping around the streets of Los Santos. (More here.)

Arrested Development Season 4 plantedFantastic Four Easter egg that took years to pay off.

Someone mashed up Deadpool and The Walking Dead. (Walking Dead spoilers ahead.)

ComicBook.com has a to-do list of things they want Hugh Jackman to do before he hangs up the Wolverine claws.

Watch Roger Corman‘s notorious Fantastic Four from 1994 before someone pulls it down.

The New York Historical Society announces “Superheroes in Gotham,” an exhibition about comic books past and present.

Daredevil print

Grey Matter Art presents an officially licensed Daredevil giclée, on sale August 12.

Arrow adds Elysia Rotaru as a former flame of Oliver Queen’s. Just how many freaking people are in Season 4, anyway?

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