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Did you miss Dark Knight Rises set videos and photos, like the one above? Who is the latest cast member of Christopher Nolan‘s film? Is Marion Cotillard lying to us about her role in it? Which corner of the X-Men universe almost got its own movie? Are producers concerned about fan reaction to the pantless suit in Man of Steel? Can we be sure the actors in The Avengers having fun? We’ve got a ton of Dark Knight Rises set stuff, answers to all the other questions and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Spoilers are clearly marked.

Marion Cotillard told MTV News that her character in The Dark Knight Rises is NOT from the comic books. That’s rules out Talia Al Ghul. Seems like she’s lying, and Josh calls her out on it. Watch the video.

Producers talked to Showbiz Spy and suggested that Man of Steel filmmakers are concerned about the issues fans are having with the new suit:

The pictures of Henry on the Man of Steel shoot have certainly created a buzz about the movie but it’s a little off target….All everyone’s talking about his Superman’s crotch and those missing pants. The new look was supposed to create new interest in a classic character but the way things are going Superman may be forced to get his pants back on. It’s either that or Man of Steel could be the first R rated Superman movie!

Movies.com has broken down a lot of what was said in the X-Men films and applied it to X-Men First Class to see if it fits in the timeline. And, guess what? It doesn’t. A really fun read.

X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner has been out talking about the future of the franchise and besides saying Deadpool will have nothing to do with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, she had this to say about the possibility of X-Men First Class 2. Thanks to Crave Online:

Well, if we were going to sequelize this and keep on going, we would stay in the next [time] period. Probably we’d go to the 70’s.

Shuler-Donner also told Home Media Magazine she hopes Cyclops and Jean Grey would appear in that X-Men First Class sequel.

TV Guide is like us. They just don’t like X:Men Origins: Wolverine. They called it “Deadpool” earlier this week and now there’s this. Thanks to /Film reader David C.

The Hollywood Reporter attended an X-Men First Class Blu-ray event and spoke to several people about the film, including Lucas Till.

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