NFamousGamers came up with a list of comic book movies that never happened including the above classic, Y The Last Man.

Jack Kirby‘s estate has appealed the original decision about Kirby’s ownership of several key Marvel characters. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter.

Check out this behind the scenes video on the new Spider-Man game, Spider-Man Edge of Time, featuring Val Kilmer, who is the voice of scientist Walter Sloan. Game Trailers (via CBM) had the scoop.

The official site for The Amazing Spider-Man site has the full, international release schedule for the film. The US gets it first; almost everyone else gets it within a week.

This fall, Green Lantern: The Animated Series starts on Cartoon Network and the image above is from the series. This image, thanks to Comic Book Movie, is from a prequel comic introducing the series.

Under The Gun has written a column coming up with five comic book villains that Hollywood should make. Outside of Doctor Doom, they’re pretty niche. What do you think of the list?

Anyone who didn’t believe the relationships between Bruce Wayne and Vicky Vale or Rachel Dawes might have been right. Thanks to Reddit.

Deviant Art user PhotoshopIsMyKungFu (great name, BTW) revealed this process photo of how he came up with this highly detailed drawing of Captain America and Red Skull.

This cool video by Jason Doll is about a young boy who battles bad guys just by using his own stink. It’s called Steve the Super Hero. Thanks to Cartoon Brew for the heads up.

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