MODOK - Patton Oswalt

What is Patton Oswalt doing in a full-size MODOK costume? What is the new Tech-On Avengers comic series? Which famous Christmas movie house did WandaVision use during production? Would you believe that Marvel had no plans for what happened to Loki when he escaped in Avengers: Endgame? Who are Zack Snyder‘s favorite Marvel characters? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Superman & Lois is back in action, and The CW has given a quick look at what’s coming in the near future.

Marvel’s Eternals co-star Salma Hayek says COVID-19 hit her so badly that she thought she would die.

Tom Hiddleston is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week in honor of the upcoming Loki series.

New photos from the set of Batwoman season two reveal that [SPOILER] has been spotted as [SPOILER]

Darkhawk Comic

Darkhawk is getting a limited comic book series revamp in August, just in time for his 30th anniversary.

Marvel and Bandai Spirits are making a Tech-On Avengers miniseries with the heroes in hi-tech war suits.

Jordan Blum posted a picture of Patton Oswalt in a full-size MODOK suit, but it’s not clear why just yet.

Director Zack Snyder named Iron Man and The Hulk as his two favorite characters from Marvel Comics.

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