Thor: The Dark World - Odin Deleted Scene

How much could Birds of Prey make globally in its opening weekend? What is Odin doing on Earth in a Thor: The Dark World deleted scene? How does a new Batman comic let him turn any car into a Batmobile? What advice did The Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani have for Shang-Chi star Simu Liu? Which X-Men star wants to join the Spider-Verse? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

It’s time for an awkward 1989 prom in the promo for “Slay Anything,” the next DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

DC Universe has announced a new DC Daily Podcast with interviews, in-depth discussions and breaking news.

Batman Comic - Batmobile Device

A new issue of Batman has Lucius Fox give The Dark Knight a device that turns any car into a Batmobile.

Abigail Shapiro will recur in season two of Titans as Dorothy Spinner, the daughter of Niles Caulder.

“Love is a Battlefield” for Barry Allen in the upcoming 11th episode of the sixth season of The Flash on The CW.

Birds of Prey is currently projected for a $110-125 million opening weekend box office in theaters worldwide.

Screenshot of the Infinity Saga Box Set deleted scene from Thor: The Dark World. Odin on Earth. from marvelstudios

A deleted scene in The Infinity Saga box set for Thor: The Dark World shows Odin on Earth for some reason.

Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey posted Batman Beyond images to his Twitter, and fans are wondering what’s up.

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