Vero: New Uxas Image from DC_Cinematic

Zack Snyder shared another look at the design for Darkseid, aka Uxas, from his abandoned  Justice League.

Tom Holland is totally cool with playing a gay Spider-Man if that’s where the character’s arc ended up going.

SyFy Wire takes a look at whether or not superheroes with capes have a problem with succeeding at the box office.

Jim Starlin, the writer of Marvel Comics’ Infinity Gauntlet¬†and creator of Thanos, will have an SDCC panel.

Get a load of details you might not have known about Spider-Man: The Animated Series from awhile ago.

Nick Fury‘s line about Spider-Man being in space wasn’t improvised after all, according to the film’s writers.

Jake Gyllenhaal sits down for an extensive interview to discuss Spider-Man: Far From Home and much more.

Deadline thinks there might be some kind of Avengers reunion happening at the Russo Brothers SDCC panel.

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