Captain America The First Avenger - Red Skull Concept Art

What new villain is coming to the third season of the Runaways on Hulu? What did Spider-Man do in Toronto that the police had to call out? Is DuckTales‘ new version of Darkwing Duck making fun of Zack Snyder a bit? How would you like an Infinity Gauntlet that held dipping sauces? Are you ready for a new Jessica Jones trailer tomorrow? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Comic artist Jason Badower talks creating the short Krypton prequel comic Tales form the Phantom Zone.

Elizabeth Hurley will play the villainous sorceress Morgan le Fay in the third season of Marvel’s Runaways.

Comic legend Jim Lee teamed with The HEX to make ultimate travel backpack for comic artists and collectors.

Joseph David-Jones, who plays Connor Hawke, will now be a series regular for Arrow‘s final season.

Concept artist Andy Poon shared this alternate, unused suit design for the fourth season of The Flash.

Toronto police called out someone dressed as Spider-Man for creating a web hazard on a city sidewalk.

Charlie Wen shared this alternate Red Skull concept art where he was a little more full of himself in his debut.

DuckTales may be poking fun at Zack Snyder‘s DC Universe movies with their new Darkwing Duck storyline.

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