Rocket is wearing Quills scarf from GOTG Volume 2. from marvelstudios

Did you see the touching detail about Rocket Raccoon‘s wardrobe honoring Peter Quill in Avengers: Endgame.

Go behind the comic panels of Marvel Knights: The Punisher with this latest featurette from Marvel Comics.

Dark Phoenix debuted another TV spot promoting the final battle for Fox’s big screen iteration of the X-Men.

James Gunn discussed whether or not the evil Superman-esque Brightburn rubbed DC Comics the wrong way.

I did the new Snapchat filter on the Original Six Avengers

Someone took Snapchat’s creepy gender-swapping photo filters and applied them to Avengers: Endgame posters.

Zachary Levi says if Dwayne Johnson somehow doesn’t play Black Adam, it may be fun to take the role himself.

Sophie Turner talks taking a dark turn as Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix for the final X-Men movie from Fox.

Tilda Swinton said her small Avengers: Endgame role had to be reshot to compensate for certain plot changes.

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