Dark Phoenix

Want to see the Batman: Hush animated movie trailer? What did George Clooney tell Ben Affleck to do about Batman? Is the Cyborg in Justice League the same design Zack Snyder had in mind? Will Avengers: Endgame turn a huge profit for Disney? Is Ty Simpkins up for playing Iron Lad sometime in the future? Has Stan Lee‘s terrible business manager been brought to justice? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Mother’s Day may be over, but you can still cook up Aunt May’s Mother’s Day Eggs Benedict sometime soon.

Even though Avengers: Endgame has made over $2 billion so far at the box office, it might not turn a big profit.

Chris Evans posted this in process shot of the old man make-up he wore for his final Avengers: Endgame scene.

Iron Man 3 co-star Ty Simpkins would absolutely be up for playing Iron Lad if the opportunity presented itself.

What’s going on with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in the promo for the upcoming finale to the show’s fourth season.

Marvel’s Runaways has officially started production on the third season, as announced by the show’s Twitter account.

The X-Men account released a bunch of Dark Phoenix posters yesterday, all with their own unique artistic style.

Over at DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine resolved a thread from the first season of the canceled series.

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