Guardians of the Galaxy - Drax the Destroyer Concept Art

Why are people attracted to Venom arguing with those who think Ted Bundy is attractive? How many Oscar nominations have superhero movies received over the years? Why did Drax the Destroyer almost have biological enhancements? Will Deathstroke‘s son be in Titans second season? Which chart-topping singer wants to play Poison Ivy? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

An anti-vigilante vigilante has popped up and he’s on the hunt for our heroes in the next new episode of Arrow.

According to Parrot Analytics, The CW series The Flash was voted as the most popular superhero show of 2018.

The Book of Secrets continues with this promo for the upcoming Black Lightning episode “Just and Unjust.”

The people who are hot for Venom are in some kind of online feud with people who think Ted Bundy is hot.

Watch what’s in store for The Flash next Tuesday on The CW with this promo for the episode “Goldfaced.”

Comic Book Resources collected all the Oscar nominations that superhero movies have received over the years.

Concept artist Andy Park shared this alternate design for Drax the Destroyer with biological enhancements.

A new casting call for the second season of Titans might hint at the inclusion of Deathstroke‘s son as a character.

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