Who Framed Roger Rabbit X-Men Mash-Up

What did Finn Jones have to say about the cancellation of Iron Fist? What was the last line Chris Evans said as Captain America during Avengers 4 reshoots? How did the cast of Ant-Man and the Wasp find out about The Snappening? Who did Thanos creator Jim Starlin see as the Mad Titan before Josh Brolin was cast? Is Doctor Strange 2 shooting later this year? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

The fourth season of Supergirl already premiered, and the teaser for the next episode, “Fallout,” has arrived.

Venom will get a theatrical release in China on November 9, which should add plenty to the global box office.


Iron Fist star Jessica Henwick shared this video remembering all the good times she had making the show.

Zachary Levi talked about the self-aware nature of Shazam with regards to the rest of the DCEU movies.

The second season of The Gifted continues, and a here’s a promo for the episode “We Have to Stop Them.”

Chris Evans said his last line as Captain America during Avengers 4 reshoots was “something really stupid.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit X-Men Mash-Up

For some reason, the artists at Rage Gear Studios created odd Who Framed Roger Rabbit comic mash-ups.

Iron Fist fans have already created a petition to bring back the canceled series, which probably isn’t necessary.

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