Thanos Colored Pencil Drawing

Want to see Batman take on John Wick? Which comic issues will inspire DC Universe’s Swamp Thing series? Which comic book movies are female moviegoers most interested in seeing this fall? How does an action sequence come together in a video game like Spider-Man on the PS4? What prestigious showbiz award is Kevin Feige receiving? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Batman might have met his match in this fanmade trailer that puts The Dark Knight up against John Wick.

Marvel Comics writer Gary Friedrich, co-creator of Ghost Rider and Son of Satan, passed away on Tuesday.

See The Flash‘s new suit in action in The CW’s new promo for the return of all their DC Comics TV shows.

DC’s Titans series will air episodes weekly starting on October 12 with a premiere at New York Comic-Con.

What if Avengers: Infinity War was given an opening in the style of anime? It might look something like this.

Stan Lee honored Jack Kirby along with the artist’s grandfather for what would have been his 101st birthday.

Artist Gurekbal Bhachu created an incredible portrait of Thanos using 20 different shades of colored pencils.

DC Universe’s Swamp Thing series will be inspired by Alan Moore’s beloved “The Anatomy Lesson” issue.

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