Spider-Man PS4

Just how big is the open world of Spider-Man PS4? What kind of actress is the Stargirl series looking for? Is Tom Cruise interested in playing Green Lantern? Did you notice how some of Black Panther‘s lines foreshadow his fate? What X-Men franchise prop did Ryan Reynolds break on the set of Deadpool 2? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Honestly, we’re not sure why this video exists, but a bunch of exasperated superheroes is fairly amusing.

A casting breakdown for DC’s developing Stargirl series gives us an idea of what actress they’re looking for.

Here’s a set of Thanos battle scenes from Avengers: Infinity War recreated with 16-bit game graphics.

Marvel Comics has announced a 12-part limited comic series ominously and darkly called Dead Man Logan.

Todd McFarlane shared this awesome Spawn bust cake that looks too damn cool to just eat like that.

Venom star Tom Hardy indicated that he’s started to have enough with acting and wants to move on.

A new Spider-Man PS4 trailer shows off the impressive open world of the game with real NYC locations.

In the recent Batman #53 from DC Comics, Bruce Wayne confirms that he doesn’t believe in God anymore.

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