Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck was in the original draft for Avengers: Infinity War, but his scene didn’t make the cut.

Warner Bros. Pictures wants to hire a female director to work on the recently announced Supergirl movie.

Actor Paul Rudd jokes about his goofy Ant-Man and the Wasp action figure while talking to BBC Radio 1.

New Wonder Woman 1984 set photos reveal Diana Prince at the Smithsonian Institution annual fundraiser.

Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer Breakdown - Laurence Fishburne as Bill Foster

There was almost a flashback scene in Ant-Man and the Wasp featuring Goliath showing his growth powers.

Ruby Rose left Twitter and disabled Instagram comments after being harassed about being cast as Batwoman.

Watch a fanmade trailer for Avengers 4 that gives Hawkeye and Valkyrie some much needed screentime.

Marvel’s Black Panther has officially ended its domestic box office run with a final gross of $700,059,566.

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