Avengers: Infinity War - Great Showdowns by Scott C.

Want to know about the science behind The Wasp? What if Shazam was color graded by Zack Snyder? Do you want a Deadpool 2 (not suitable) for children book? Could Yellowjacket return sometime in a future Marvel Studios movie? What is Samuel L. Jackson shooting as Nick Fury now? Is Superman: The Movie getting a 4K remaster? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Marvel University takes a look at the science of wasps and how they influence the powers of The Wasp.

New character breakdown details for the seventh season of Arrow might give us info on the new Batwoman.

A Billy Eichner fan put Billy on the Street audio in Captain America: Civil War. Chris Evans approved.

Forbes says there’s a chance Ant-Man and the Wasp may not surpass the original Ant-Man at the box office

Humor: If Shazam! was color graded by Zack Snyder from DC_Cinematic

One fan imagined what the first photo from Shazam might look like if it were color graded by Zack Snyder.

Joe Russo confirmed that his brother Anthony Russo was lost in the “Thanos Did Nothing Wrong” purge.

Avengers: Infinity War - Great Showdowns by Scott C.

Scott C. created this adorable new Great Showdown between The Avengers, Thanos and the Black Order.

A DC Universe installation will allow fans to xplore Dick Grayson’s Titans loft and much more at SDCC.

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