Want to see a promo from Kevin Smith‘s comic book shop reality show, Comic Book Men? Where is there a new, real-life, female superhero? Can you buy a shirt making fun of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? What do The Joker and Transformers have in common? Is there an update on the Mark Millar movie Nemesis? Which property did Olly Moss put into Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns? Want to see what Conan O’Brien had to say about The Dark Knight Rises trailer? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Here’s one of the first promos for Kevin Smith‘s comic book store reality show, Comic Book Men, premiering February 12 on AMC.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DC Comics has outsold Marvel Comics since the relaunch in September.

Best real superhero ever. China Hush (via The Daily What) have discovered a Chinese Redbud Woman in Hong Kong over the holidays helping the homeless and more. Those links have additional photos and info.

Yesterday’s crazy Man of Steel rumor has been debunked. Great casting idea for a sequel though.

Cool Joker/Transformers mash-up right? Want it on a t-shirt? Head to Othertees and buy it. Thanks to Shirtoid.

Bleeding Cool posted some tweets between Joe Carnahan and Mark Millar that seem to suggest Nemesis won’t happen as a movie.

Comic Book Movie posted this interview with Matthew Modine in which he discusses non-disclosure agreements on The Dark Knight Rises and a few other non-specific details.

The Geek Files confirmed Hayley Atwell won’t be appearing in The Avengers.

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