Avengers Infinity War IMAX Banner

IMAX released a poster for Avengers: Infinity War featuring the Infinity Gauntlet reaching for their logo.

Elizabeth Olsen isn’t pushing for a Scarlet Witch movie, but if there was one, she’d like it to be House of M.

What are the odds that Colossus is punching Juggernaut at the 16-second mark of this Deadpool 2 TV spot?

Indonesia censorship is cutting seven minutes from Avengers: Infinity War, which surprised the directors.

This promotional image from Marvel Japan would appear to tease Ant-Man‘s presence in Infinity War.

Marvel’s Stan Lee is set to sue his former manager Jerardo Olivarez on accounts of unscrupulous behavior.

This long lost footage of Adam West as Batman teaching British children traffic safety was recently recovered.

A totally fake soundtrack listing for Avengers: Infinity War predicts the death of every single superhero.

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