Avengers Infinity War Fandango Posters

Want to make your own Black Panther Barbie doll of Shuri for your kids? When do the finales of all the DC TV shows air? Are you ready for the Dora Milaje from Black Panther to get their own comic? What ticket sales record did Avengers: Infinity War already break? Did you know you can see Steppenwolf’s bare butt in a scene from Justice League? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

A new video picks 10 favorite behind the scenes moments from the first 99 episodes of Agents of SHIELD.

The Library of Congress will celebrate 80 years of Superman with a Q&A panel even with DC’s Paul Levitz.

If you’ve got a little girl who’s a Black Panther fan, this video shows how to make a Shuri doll out of a Barbie.

The finale dates for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Arrow and The Flash are set.

Check out the promo for “The Sinking Ship The Grand Applause,” the next episode of Gotham season four.

After this weekend, Marve’s Black Panther will have passed the $600 million mark at the domestic box office.

Fandango has released a batch of posters that fans can choose from after buying Avengers: Infinity War tickets.

Marvel has a new comic on the way focusing on the Dora Milaje as an independent entity away from T’Challa.

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