Black Panther - T'Chaka Concept Art

How much has Black Panther made at the global box office? Why did The Joker‘s appearance briefly change in Batman: The Animated Series? Which of last year’s comic book movies got nominated for Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards? Want to enter a special Avengers: Infinity War sweepstakes tied to the Oscars? How did Wauconda, IL celebrate the release of Black Panther? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Here are all the times movies based on DC Comics made you think a character was dead when they really weren’t.

Director Chris McKay Warner Bros. would have to fire him in order for him to leave behind the Nightwing movie.

A new promo for the return of Gotham features the villain Mr. Freeze coming back with a chilly vengeance.

Black Panther set the record for the highest grossing first week out of any Marvel Studios movie release so far.

The development and design of Aquaman‘s look and costume is explored in this Justice League featurette.

Screenwriter John Rogers admits Catwoman was plain awful and had zero cultural relevance whatsoever.

Concept artist Andy Park revealed an alternate design for T’Chaka‘s Black Panther suit with the classic cape.

Find out why The Joker‘s design was revamped slightly in Batman: The Animated Series, but inevitably reversed.

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