Black Panther International Poster

Want to watch a Black Panther tie-in commercial directed by Michael B. Jordan? Is the Fortress of Solitude going to pop up on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? Which of the Young Avengers almost appeared in Black Panther? Will there be a Deadpool 2 TV spot during the Super Bowl this weekend? Did you see the Black Panther soundtrack tracklist released by Kendrick Lamar? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Michael B. Jordan directed this cross-promotional commercial for Lipton Brisk and Marvel’s Black Panther.

Brian Michael Bendis will write a six-issue weekly miniseries at DC Comics that will retell Superman‘s origin story.

Images of Avengers: Infinity War action figures surfaced, and it looks like Captain America has a new shield.

Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman thinks the sequel could be improved by making the movie more grounded.

Take a look behind the scenes of Black Panther with this collection of B-roll footage, but beware of spoilers.

Brandon Routh may be teasing an appearance of the Fortress of Solitude in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Black Panther International Poster

Black Panther leaps into action this this new international poster for the movie starring Chadwick Boseman.

Octavia Spencer is planning on buying out some theaters so underprivileged kids can go see Black Panther.

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