Justice League Digital Cover

When does the fourth season of Gotham return this spring? Where in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline does Black Panther take place? Who is replacing Charlie Tahan as Scarecrow on Gotham? How much new footage of Superman is on the Justice League home video release? Will Gwyneth Paltrow still have Extremis powers in Avengers: Infinity War? Why did Chris Hemsworth turn down a Thor sketch on SNL? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Watch the Wonder Women panel from the DC in DC 2018 event with DC TV stars, producers and comic creators.

Fans noticed a reference to Thomas Wayne in Justice League by way of a portrait of Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Here’s the promo for “All or Nothing,” the upcoming 12th episode of the sixth season of Arrow, coming next week.

The fourth season of Gotham will return to FOX on March 1, as confirmed by a new promo posted to Twitter.

Here’s a longer Lexus commercial for the LS 500 F Sport featuring Black Panther in some high speed action.

A new video from the set of Venom shows Michelle Williams on set with Tom Hardy outside of a bank front.

Justice League Digital Cover

Batman News debuted the artwork for the cover of the Justice League digital release, arriving on February 13.

In case there was any doubt, Black Panther picks up shortly after the events of Captain America: Civil War.

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