Thor Ragnarok - Hela Concept Art

What was the alternate Thor: Ragnarok credits scene featuring The Grandmaster that didn’t end up on screen? Will Katee Sackhoff return to The Flash? Did Superman kill someone in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? What can we expect from Avengers: No Surrender in January? How did Kevin Smith help inspired the new director of Thor: Ragnarok? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Watch a teaser trailer for Marvel’s upcoming comic book event Avengers: No Surrender, starting in January.

Comic Book Resources dives into how Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok emulates video games like God of War and Zelda.

Stan Lee weirdly recreates his cameo in Thor: Ragnarok with Todd McFarlane standing in as the god of thunder.

Marvel’s key comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis has just signed an exclusive deal to work over at DC Comics.

The promo for “Midvale,” the next episode of Supergirl, flashes back to the childhood years of the Danvers sisters.

Chris Hemsworth revealed Kevin Smith‘s dissatisfaction with the original Thor inspired him to change things up.

Andy Park shared this piece of Thor: Ragnarok concept art featuring Hela the goddess of death and Fenris Wolf.

Katee Sackhoff will return to The Flash later on this season at various points as her villainous character Amunet.

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