Julian McMahon

Fantastic Four villain Julian McMahon is joining the cast of Marvel’s upcoming Hulu series The Runaways.

A new set photo from Aquaman shows off some kind of heavily armored character shooting down in Australia.

The latest episode of THWIP! goes behind the scenes of Marvel’s upcoming Netflix superhero assembly The Defenders.

Ryan Reynolds doesn’t rule out the possibility of Cable being a time traveler in Deadpool 2, but he doesn’t confirm it.

Watch the stunt doubles for Elektra and Black Widow in an incredible fight better than anything in a Marvel movie.

Underworld director Len Wiseman has boarded Marvel’s upcoming FOX series The Gifted as executive producer.

marvel villains ranked ego

Kurt Russell kept saying “Star Wars” instead of Star-Lord while¬† shooting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

A new rumor indicates that Black Widow may somehow be involved with the Yakuza sequence in The Avengers 4.

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