Empire Thor: Ragnarok Cover

Are the Kree coming back to Agents of SHIELD this season? Is Mads Mikkelsen still interested in playing Doctor Doom? Now that Wonder Woman is successful, will The CW redevelop their Amazon prequel series? Did you know Obadiah Stane was originally supposed to survive the end of Iron Man? Will Black Lightning ever cross over with the Arrowverse? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Take a look at the various DC Comics action figures coming when Justice League hits theaters later this year.

Entertainment Weekly got details on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow character Zari Adrianna Tomaz, aka Isis.

The Elongated Man

Saving the Human Race star Hartley Sawyer has landed a role as The Elongated Man on The Flash season four.

Comic Book Resources dives into whether or not Batman exists in the Arrowverse series of shows on The CW.

Artist Rick Celis reimagines characters from Gotham as if they were part of Batman: The Animated Series instead.

From the SIGGRAPH conference in LA, some secrets of the VFX of Spider-Man: Homecoming and more were revealed.

Empire Thor: Ragnarok Cover

Empire’s new cover features Hela the goddess of death going to battle with Thor in honor of Marvel’s  Thor: Ragnarok.

An Instagram post from Chloe Bennett on the set of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD indicates the Kree may be returning.

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