Fashionably Geek highlights this well-done, but very large, tattoo of female Wolverine X-23.

Rumor has it Andy Kubert is, in fact, drawing a super secret sequel to Watchmen. Read more over on Bleeding Cool.

This photo of Batman meeting some dogs in sunglasses has been circling around the Internet. And rightfully so. Thanks to Bunny Food (via Stuff I Stole).

Michael Shannon was on the BBC Radio (via CBM) and actually was posed with some new and interesting questions about Man of Steel. You can read all his responses here, and even listen to them at the 1:17:09 mark here, but here’s a quote about a funny difference between shooting Take Shelter and Man of Steel:

The funny thing about it is that no matter how much time or money you have on a film, you always hear people complaining about time and money or saying they don’t have enough time and money. I mean, for example, there’s this scene we shot recently, [a] fairly short scene, and it was scheduled for two-and-a-half days and you know, I’m talking literally a scenes that’s a page-and-a-half or something like that. Two-and-a-half days later and we still weren’t finished. Whereas on Take Shelter, we’d be shooting 10 pages a day.

I’m not sure exactly the origin of this photo, it has something to do with a Latin music podcast, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

Speaking to The Playlist, Robert Rodriguez sort of offered an update on Sin City 2:

We have a script for ‘Sin City 2’ and we just needed to round it out a little bit more, brought in Bill to try and solve some things. Like before we had three different stories that we were trying to meld together and he took a pass at it for a couple of weeks and now Frank is doing his pass. We’re pretty close. We might have it soon.

Superhero Hype released this animated trailer for the Batman game, Gotham City Imposters, that will be available for download next month.

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